We provide healthy and fresh breakfast as well as lunch menu. All meals are well balanced to include fruit, vegetables, whole grains and dairy protein and the serving sizes are generous. We are proud that our ingredients are of highest quality, organic dairy and eggs, fresh fruits, and healthy snacks besides homegrown fresh seasonal vegetable. Our backyard has a garden for planting vegetables where kids can observe plants growing and know more about nature and enjoy eating vegetables. No need to stress over what to pack for lunch or what to serve for breakfast. We’d be happy to accommodate if your child has any food allergies, or if you wish to bring your own food.

我们提供健康和新鲜的早午两餐和点心。我们的两餐营养均衡,包括水果,蔬菜,谷类和蛋白类且份量充足。我们的食物都是优质的:有机的牛奶和鸡蛋,新鲜的水果,健康的点心还有季节性的自家菜地的蔬菜供应。我们后院有一个小的有机菜园,让适龄小朋友们观察偶尔浇水采摘,在趣味劳动的同时学习大自然的规律,让绿色的菜叶吃起来不再困难。对于家长,你们可以有更多的精力去陪孩子,多一些优质时间陪伴孩子成长,不用再为了准备早、午而烦恼,不用再担心食物经过冷藏和微波后变得不和胃口。对于有食物过敏的小朋友, 我们也会额外满足特殊的饮食需求,家长希望自己带饭我们也欢迎。