Our Staff 我们的团队

Ms. Zeng (the founder as well as a teacher) graduated from Wuhan University and used to be a College English teacher in China more than 5 years. She came to the United States as a companion for her husband and stayed at home to bring up their three kids. In 2011, she got her Master Of Arts Degree in the School of Education in University of Connecticut. In 2016, she was admitted in the Advanced Graduate Specialist Program in the University of Maryland, College Park. In order to support her study, she had part-time jobs as a travel agent, individual intensive therapist which helped a high schooler with autism. Last summer she had chance working in a Montessori school with little friends for two months and found that she fell love in the early education which is important as college education. She decided to open a Family daycare and made contribution to little friends with what she had learned and experienced as a Mom. After half of a year learning and being trained, she got all the certificates for opening a day care. At the same time she is a certified daycare teacher. Moreover, she regarded learning as lifelong skills and is still online learning Montessori Program to add more elements to Stonebridge Day care.

Ms. Helon (a teacher) got her Master Degree in Landscape Design in China. She loves kids and has two years of teaching experience. She shares the same education values with Ms. Zeng and would like to join in Stonebridge Daycare. As a three-year-old kid’s Mom, she deeply knows what our little friends really need in the day care and she also got the certificate being a day care teacher. She loves drawing, crafts and music. She also wants to be the friend of each kids and provide solid foundation for our little friends in arts.

Dr. Cao (Ms. Zeng’s Husband) got his Bachelor Degree from Wuhan University, Master Degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences and PhD degree from Ohio State University. As a handyman and supporting spouse to Ms. Zeng, he customized many teaching materials for The Stonebridge Day Care. He also has hope that all the little friends in Stonebridge will be loved and respected like his own three kids.

Ms. Zeng (创办人及老师)毕业于武汉大学英文系,曾在国内一所985大学从事大学英语教学。15年前随夫来美安心在家抚育3个孩子。2011年获得教育心理学专业的文学硕士学位。2016年被马里兰大学大学城特教专业高级研究专家班录取。在过去的半工半读其间,她做过旅游代理,深得顾客的爱戴。以及一对一辅导过自闭症的高中生,苦恼于辅导的效果不明显多么希望在孩子小时候就多辅导。一个偶然的机会在一所蒙氏幼儿园工作两个月后,着迷于早期教育,同时领悟到早期教育比大学教育更重要。于是下定决心开办一家家庭型幼儿园。经过近半年的学习与工作培训,目前已拥有家庭幼儿园教师资格,也获得了0-5岁婴幼儿发展与教学计划的资格认证,同时在网络上学习蒙特梭利的教学方法,不断丰富与充实自己。

Ms. Helon(幼儿园老师)已有在美幼儿园两年的工作经历。在中国获得景观设计的理学硕士,热爱画画,手工与音乐,更爱和小朋友在一起。做为一个三岁孩子的妈妈,她更真切体会孩子与家长所需,因与Ms. Zeng有着共同的教育理念,愿意加入石桥幼儿园,希望能在石桥幼儿园与孩子们共同成长,为孩子的成长打下艺术方面坚实基础。

Dr. Cao (家庭成员)获得武汉大学生命科学院的理学学士,中国科学院理学硕士及俄亥俄州的哲学博士。作为一个能干的先生,目睹Ms. Zeng热爱教育和孩子,大力支持她开办家庭幼儿园,并亲手为石桥幼儿园量身定做了许多教学用具。他希望每一个在石桥幼儿园的孩子如同自己的三个孩子一样在爱与尊敬的环境中健康成长。