Our objective is to provide a well-prepared Chinese and English environment to stimulate children’s cognitive, motor, sensory, language, social and practical skills in an age-appropriate development. Our creative curriculum is integrated at every moment, from the morning your child steps into Stonebridge Daycare, we welcome him/her with warm greetings to the afternoon you pick up your child home we communicate with you about the day the children stay with us. Take diapering/toileting for example, we will interact with the children in this rare high- quality time and have them know more about themselves and build up their self- confidence. Developing a child’s self-confidence via diapering/toileting is also within our curriculum. Generally speaking, our curriculum design will use the effective elements of Montessori Method in the following six areas:
1. Cognitive activities: From the acknowledge of the simple objects, playing
puzzles, geometric shapes, primary colors to the basic mathematics to be learned before going to school, from simple to complex in an age-appropriate development.
2. Motor activities: indoor we will emphasize children’s fine motor skills via crafts and arts, outdoor we will let children enjoy playing and develop gross motor skills.
3. Sensory activity: Let the children identify sources of sounds, colors, smells by touching different objects, listening to different voices or collecting real objects from life; let the children experience the warmth and coldness personally, and stimulate the all-round development of senses.
4. Language activities: From simple body parts to singing children’s songs, telling stories, reading books, and learning how to communicate clearly via both Chinese and English.
5. Social Activities: We will learn to interact well with teachers and other children, learn to understand and accept the emotions of ourselves and others, and learn to express our emotional needs and how to get along well with others during all the activities.
6. Practical life activities: From understanding pots and pans, spoon and scoops to learning how to scoop, pour and cut, as well as to understand the daily food and gradually gain an independent living skills such as washing hands, wiping your nose, dressing themselves, recycling and waste, toileting all these basic life skills. The above activities are throughout every moment at Stonebridge Daycare bit by bit based on mutual trust between teachers and children/parents, and gradually adjust to meet the needs of the development of each child accordingly, By the time they graduate, they will have received a thorough grounding in physically, intellectually, and emotionally that will serve them well for life as well as the rest of their schooling and beyond. It will build a solid foundation for our little friends who will grow into a human being who can love and be loved, respect and be respected.